Check Out The List Of Places In Meghalaya That You Must Visit If You Are In The State.



Meghalaya has fast become one of the popular destinations to visit when one tours the North East and its capital city, Shillong, is an experience complete in itself. This marvelous hill station, also known as the “Scotland of the East” offers its visitors a mixed air of westernized yet traditionally rooted culture that is apparent in the people’s lifestyle and other forms of entertainment.  The city is home to lush waterfalls, woodlands, green landscapes, magnificent monuments and museums, musical events, festivities and celebrations with each season bringing out its own beauty thereby attracting tourists throughout the year from across the world.


Ranked as one of the top must-see places in Meghalaya, Sohra’s vastly stretched terrains , stunning  waterfalls, rivers and mountain tops shrouded in the cold mists during the summers are as spectacular as the land’s eternal Khasi folktales like that of the Nohkalikai Falls.  The winter portrays a drier environment with clear blue skies perfect for long treks and downhill walks to the foothill of the waterfalls –a fun experience for the adventurers!


Heard of the crystal-clear river where boats seem to float in mid-air?!! You are in the right place – Dawki. The Umngot river is so clear and transparent that you can actually see the shadow of your boat on the surface of the river while boating. The pebbled river bed is effortlessly visible to the naked eye too. You can go boating or kayaking to find out how it feels to glide over the glassy waters.


Looking for some adventure? Shnongpdeng has got you covered with water activities that’s sure to pump you up adrenaline. Located at a few kms away from Dawki, here you will experience a similar feel as that in Dawki but a bit quieter due to less visitors and more activities to do. The site is perfect for fishing along the river sides, dare yourself for a round or two of cliff jumping, zip along the zip lining cables or go kayaking. And what can be more memorable than having you and your companions relax for the night camping by the cool river around the gentle and gleaming  bonfire followed by a dinner, isn’t it?



This wonderland hillock situated in the West Khasi Hill region is surrounded by gorgeous lakes and small huts is an ideal site for any photographer, or a wanderer looking to get a taste of life in the country-side on top of a hill. Interaction with the friendly but naïve localities, quietly gazing over the rolling hills and listening to the cattle bells while they graze the field gives a different feel to the individual altogether. With available facilities like Kayaking and hiking to the nearby Mawthadraishan Peak in a quiet environment, your Mawphanlur journey can easily become one of your most pleasant journeys. An overnight tour is recommended to fully enjoy the verdant scenery and cool temperature that the night can offer you.


A hotspot of archaeological findings -Mawlyngbna, is where fossils of animals dating 200 million old have been discovered and preserved. When you are here you can indulge yourself in adventurous activities like kayaking, trekking and zip lining with number of picturesque waterfalls for you to explore.


The exotic viewing site offering you the best panoramic views of the whole of Meghalaya embraced by the majestic hills and valleys, Laitlum qualifies as one of the most spectacular landscapes in India and one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya. One can also catch a view of Rasong village nestled deep into the ridges of Laitlum gorge. A perfect place for nature lovers to rejuvenate themself in the lap of nature.


A visit to Umiam Lake will change your opinion if you think man-made lake cannot be as beautiful as any natural lakes. A dam build over the Umiam River, Umiam Lake is a reservoir which is quite popular among tourists being one of the most scenic places with breathtaking surroundings to visit in Meghalaya. Spend some quality time with your dear ones or thrill yourself with a water scooter ride or other water activities.


Nestled between Pynursla and Sohra ridges, Kongthong is a quaint village in the Khat-ar-shnong area which is popularly known as the Whistling Village of Meghalaya. In Kongthong, every villager has a unique identity assigned to them in the form of a lullaby or whistle apart from their names given by their birth mother. So, you would most likely hear and maybe learn some handful of unique sounding whistle calls during you journey there! This is also a place where you can find highest living root bridge which is also a major tourist attraction.


Not just the Cleanest Village in Asia, but it is also lovingly called as God’s Own Garden. Mawlynnong is where everyone knows the importance of hygiene, sanitation and neatness be it a child or an elderly person. One of the most famous icon of Meghalaya is found here – the Nohwet Living Root Bridge. If you want to test your fear of heights then climb up the tree house made of bamboo structure and gaze at the seemingly endless plains of Bangladesh.


Remember your childhood days when you used to get wet in the rain? Considered to be the rainiest place in the world, you can walk into the clouds and drench yourself in an unlimited supply of rains. Mawsynram is a village adorned with appealing landscapes, misty weather, lush green hills, low-flying clouds, and refreshing waterfalls making it one of the most distinctive tourist places in Meghalaya.


A stunning and an extraordinarily giant rock located in the West Khasi Hills district, Kyllang Rock is an impressive natural monolith. One can trek to the top of the rock which roughly takes around 40 minutes but the view from the top is spectacular and worth the climb. You will get mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views if you time your hike accordingly. Kyllang Rock is also said to have a special magnetic field which amazingly prevents people from tumbling over the high-altitude rock!

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