Please carefully read the following terms and conditions, as they contain legal obligations and form the basis on which bookings and other claims are accepted by Ki-por Travels.
All purchases made through Ki-por Travels, relevant to any booking arrangement, are subject to these terms & conditions; it is considered that the person making the booking has accepted these conditions on behalf of the persons named in the booking.
No variation to these terms & conditions, by any of our employees or agents, shall be of any effect unless sanctioned in writing by the relevant authority of Ki-por Travels.

Tour Costs
There are no fixed costs on one particular tour. Being an agency that operates Pan-India and which render tour services to our clients based on their needs and requirements, the costs of one tour may vary form one client to another depending upon the personalised itineraries. Factors such as no. of people, type of accommodation, type of vehicle rented, and any other services requested by the clients mainly affect the final prices of the tours.

Booking and Payment
All booking of tours and expeditions must be made by 50% advance payment and balance amount should be paid upon the day of arrival at a particular destination for (National Tour) and balance amount should be paid a week prior to the commencement of the tour for (International Tour). Payments may be made by cash or online Bank Transfer. Company Bank details are provided in the Payment Option section in the website for advance deposition.

Alteration of Itineraries
The agency reserves the right to alter or modify any of its itineraries, in the events of circumstances beyond its control.

Health, Fitness and Safety
We strongly recommend that you visit a medical doctor before your trip. Your doctor will advise current inoculation requirements. If a doctor has recommended against travel or indicated that travel may be inconvenient, then please do inform us on the details. We also recommend that you maintain general fitness and physique in a preparation for the strenuous requirements of your prospective tour.

Assumption of risk
Your booking is accepted on the understanding that you realize the hazards involved in this kind of tour, as most of our tour/expeditions may involves going to rural areas where there are limited facilities. Ki-por Travels, or any of its employees or agents, Will Not Be Liable for delay, loss or damage to personal property, personal injury, illness or death which might occur.
Travel Protection
Travel insurance protection is Strongly Recommended. As your travel agent, we have a professional responsibility to recommend the purchase of travel protection to protect both you and your vacation. Since we do not offer coverage through certain carriers, we recommend you to check some policies or companies currently in the marketplace relating to travel insurance.
Modification of Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions may be amended or modified by Ki-por at any time without notice. It is therefore essential that you consult the Terms and Conditions prior to making each and every booking, particularly in order to ensure what provisions are in operation in case they have changed since the last time an order was placed by you.
Only those who have accepted the Terms and Conditions and affirmatively indicated their consent to be bound by the Terms and Conditions may make a booking with KI-POR. Without this acceptance any order is subject to cancellation at any time.
Customer Service
If you have any complaint about any of the services during the tour you should immediately inform the tour leader/guide, who is required to solve your problem.
Provided your complaint is not solved then please do write to us at, or immediately contact us at our Office in Shillong, Phone +91-9774284874 / +91-9863483231. We shall respond to your complaint and have it solved as soon as possible. We will put our best efforts to solve the problems in your favour.
Note: –
No refund will be made if passenger(s) has/have shortened or cancelled the tour in between due to Personal Reasons.
When you do booking with us it is implied and accepted that you have read and understood all these booking conditions and agree to abide by them.