"India's Own Moonland"


North India

Best time

March to October


Why Ladakh?

A great tourist attraction because of its beautiful monasteries, picturesque locations, and interesting markets defining the culture of the place. From lush green pastures to scenic lakes like Pangong Tso, the natural bounties adorn Ladakh in a charming way. An unbelievable, magical and superb landscape makes this cold desert an extremely awe-inspiring place.

A little bit more about it...

Stunning Gompas – Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries, fluttering prayer flags, whitewashed stupas, Ladakh is a riot of intricate murals and red-robed monks. Dominated by dramatic landscapes, Ladakh is known as the world’s coldest desert.  It is said that only in Ladakh can a man sitting in the sun with his feet in the shade suffer from sunstroke and frostbite at the same time. With a culture similar to Tibetan culture, the people of Ladakh are friendly and welcoming to tourists.

Ladakh, the newly created Union Territory is a magnificent and less explored wonderland of the Himalayas. Arid mountains, stunning gompas, meditational mani walls, multi colored flags and alpine meadows are the few features that symbolizes the beauty of Ladakh. The Union Territory is an adventurer’s paradise frequented by all kinds of riders, adventure tourists, mountaineers and adventure photographers. Ladakh also caters to honeymooners, photographers, nature seekers and Buddhist pilgrims.

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